Interior Design Process  Accessory Design Process

Accessory Design Process

1、Initial communication
Designer will assist clients to describe and make initial schedule of their requirements and get designing information during discussing.

2、Site survey

Exploring the feasibility of different designing plans according to site space, whole style, living environment and atmosphere.

3、Inital design stage

Collecting and integrating all the information to give initial style design then communicating with clients to make it clear and providing professional design to clients.

4、Further designing stage

1)Designer makes the final plan of interior accessory design according to the client’s comments.
2)After confirming with client, designer will provide the detailed design of all the items in the plan (dimensions,materials,color),then getting into the implementing stage.

5、Site display stage

Company will send all the items to the appointing place in time and designer will display them as design and adjust as well.

6、Designing feedback

When project is finished,after-sale service department will revisit clients regarding the project and make a survey about the usage and satisfaction of clients,also will solve the problem during using process.