Interior Design Process  Accessory Design Process

Interior Design Process

1、Initial communication
Collecting all the information and design drawing, starting intention design and graphic design optimizing work after discussing with clients

2、Site survey

The designer in charge must investigate project site before initial design.

3、Inital design stage

According to the site condition, client’s requirements, flat location drawing, key space reference drawing and graphic model, deciding the whole space style.

4、Further designing stage

1)Starting further designing work after confirming initial design with clients and all the interior space design will be finished.
2)Making material prototype and explaining the special requirements of key space. Making drawing of key space according to requirements of clients.

5、Construction plan drawing stage

Starting constructing drawing with confirmed designing plan and the designing team will confirm site condition before drawing if the site has measurement condition.

6、Design implementation stage

Designer will go to site solving site problem regularly to make sure that design will be properly carried out.